The Breakdown

Here are our very talented teams that perform regularly at ComedyWorx:

Resident Teams

The Land Mermaids

The Land MermaidsThe Land Mermaids are an all female longform team that started in Chapel Hill. We take one suggestion to create a split screen opening. From there we spread till both worlds collide in a hilarious series of follies!

Members: Jenn Bianchi, Alex Cotter, Suzy Hall, Meredith Fowler, Debby Olavarria, and Michelle Osborne

Tiny Daddy

Tiny Daddy

Tiny Daddy coalesced in 2010 when a cosmic ray struck the air, manifesting its cast in its current, adult form, without any of its members having been born before. Each team member is blessed with a unique superpower. Paul can talk without saying anything meaningful, Philip is capable of eating solid food, Ben is actually a tiny daddy, and Ian mostly understands the English language. Tiny Daddy is a Resident team at ComedyWorx and performs a show about the life in a small town. TinyDaddy has performed in all but one of Raleigh; New York; Richmond; Greenville; Atlanta; Vilnius, Lithuania; and Fayetteville.

Paul Barrett, Philip Boyne, Ben Farmer, Ian Tate and Wafeeq Zarif

Impersonally Victimized

Impersonally VictimizedImpersonally Victimized has been receiving backhanded compliments from theater-goers (but not taking it personally) since 2016. We do an ever-shifting mix of improv forms, so each show is unique! We like to play with emotions and characters, and we love to get weird. IV has performed in Raleigh and Chapel Hill as well as Greenville, SC and Richmond VA. We also paid good money for a professional team photo shoot so we are not messing around when it comes to image. (An improv show lasts 20 minutes. A photo on the internet lasts forever.)

Origami Tacos

Origami Tacos

Origami Tacos is a long form improv troupe based out of ComedyWorx in Raleigh, NC. We’re a team of 6 improvisors with a variety of backgrounds that started in August 2016 as an incubator team and haven’t looked back.  We’ve performed in multiple venues month, practice weekly and have have tag-team coaches. This is a team that enjoys each other and it shows in our improv!

Incubator Teams