Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Team Building

Team Building

Do you want to improve the listening skills, spontaneity, and creativity of your staff?  Turn to ComedyWorx for a fresh approach to energizing your company meetings and training programs!  A ComedyWorx workshop can help you:

  • Promote and enhance team dynamics.
  • Enhance leadership and other business skills.
  • Break down internal business barriers.
  • Reward your employees in a memorable way.

Our specialists conduct high energy, entertaining team building workshops that can be tailored to your specific needs.

A ComedyWorx workshop is a great way to provide an icebreaker for new employees or sales teams and improve communication between management and staff and is the perfect way to get everyone on the same page. We can conduct our workshops at your location or ours and they can be integrated directly into your training/meeting schedule or conducted as a standalone activity.

To book a remote training class or to request more information, please contact our corporate/group sales department at 919-386-9679 or fill out the form below: