Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Because we miss you all so much, ComedyWorx will be doing Virtual Shows to keep us connected!  We are looking forward for the opportunity to be able to entertain our loyal fans during this difficult time so please join us for some fun, laughter and cool Zoom backgrounds!  We have 2 shows that we are going to be offering to you through the end of February!

Our ComedyWorx Laughter In Place Show will be a family friendly fast-paced competitive improv show where 2 teams square off for points and laughs based on your suggestions!  Suggestions will be taken through the chat feature in Zoom!  Instructions will be provided when you join the event.

Our Virtual Harry Show is our improv party, with music and games, where YOU can be part of the show. For our Virtual Harry Show, we’ll be having our usual improv fun, and in addition we’ll be bringing audience members into the action to party with us as we all party from home together! Be sure to join with audio and video so you can join in the festivities!  The Harry Show is rated M for mature, so only participants 14 or older should attend.

So get your computers and/or smartphones prepared and be ready to have some virtual fun!  Make sure that you have your Zoom application downloaded and ready to go and click on the show you want to see. Here are the upcoming show dates (click on the show you want to see to get to the show registration link (and donations if you are so inclined :)):


Virtual Harry Shows Laughter In Place Shows
Virtual Harry Show – Friday, June 25th at 8:00pm ComedyWorx LIP Show – Saturday, June 26th at 8:00pm

While these events are free, we would very much appreciate a donation to help keep our beloved club open. Please consider donating out of the goodness of your heart 🙂

Click here to donate to ComedyWorx for the Laughter In Place Shows!