Halloween Standup Showcase Extravaganza! (10-31-2019)

Come out to ComedyWorx for our Halloween Standup Showcase Extravaganza!  What makes this an extravaganza?  How about six of the Triangle’s best standup comics, the magic of Big Bad Bear improv, and superhost Mimi Shankin!

Grab the bag of candy, shut off the porch light and come see the real mayhem! You don’t want to miss this show!


  • Freddy Valoy
  • Brandi Roberts
  • Chris Rivoli
  • Devon Roberts
  • Myles Patton
  • Matt White

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*Parental Advisory: The Halloween Standup Showcase Extravaganza is rated “M” for Mature so make sure the kids are safe at home prior to seeing the show.